Sex Dynamics

A project where I can show to the world the many ways of having sex interaction with one another, it’s an on going project. The people on this project will be from various genders! The focus of the project is pleasure, so every frame is excuted without any word from the artist!

Carla e Julien P.V.P 200€


Margarida and David P.V.P 200€


Rosie and Mário P.V.P 200€

Body and Mind

This section is all about the true meaning of my work, body is what I shoot, but at the end the spectator will feel something and that is not only because of what you see, it’s the all expression on the captures, focus one the expression, try to feel what they are expressing!

Mizz Kat Tigerfell P.V.P. 100€
Beatriz Magalhães P.V.P. 100€
Johannie P.V.P. 100€










Filipe Gonçalo P.V.P. 100€
Dário Duarte P.V.P. 100€
Tchi Vett P.V.P. 100€











A dance between two long lost friends that found themselves.

Pussycat Flower P.V.P. 100€
Muse I P.V.P. 100€
Wooden Floor P.V.P. 100€